B-Epic: Rise From Obscurity

Assuming you had all you ever wanted to live the life of your dreams, how would your life be? Which places you would visit and what would you do while there? You don’t have to wait for the perfect time. You can start living the life of your dreams now.

A corporate team from B-Epic’s has launched some key products with good market potentials that can generate millions. We, therefore, seek vibrant and zealous brand partners to join us in the goal of moving the B-Epic brand to the top. Over the years, we have helped thousands of people to passive income for themselves. We want to help you too.

You can experience repeated success and spontaneous growth for long-term with our B-Epic business ideology. You will have the backing of our proven turnkey business model on your successful joining. The model is characterized by cloud-based tools, unmatched support and its ease of use.

Highly competitive compensation plans are also included. We present to you a dual formula that can guarantee success for our members. The first formula focuses on improving supplementation so that people could perform at their best. The second part is based on the sharing of B-Epic products and business benefits with others.

Are you prepared for the EPIC move? The right time to rise from Obscurity is now! Join B-EPIC today!!

7 Ways to Earn with B-Epic

  • Customer Bonus

    Earn 50% of the CV on all of your retail customer purchases. (Also, 20% of the CV will go into the Two Team Pay Plan.)

  • Fast Start Bonus

    Earn 50% of the CV on the first order of every Brand Partner that you personally sponsor

  • Two Team Pay

    Earn up to 20% on the CV of your lesser volume team every week. No cycles.

  • Sponsoring Matching Bonus

    Earn a 20% check match on all of your personally sponsored Brand Partners. (Match is based on the Two Team Pay only.)

  • Generation Matching Bonus

    Earn a 10% check match paid on up to four generations of Silver Qualified Brand Partners or higher rank. (Match is based on the Two Team Pay only.)

  • Global Bonus Pool

    As a Diamond Qualified Brand Partner, earn a share in a 2% Global Bonus Pool of the total company CV every month.

  • Car Bonus

    Earn a $500 monthly Car Bonus by purchasing a $89.95 pack or higher and sponsoring four Brand Partners at that same package level or higher who also each sponsor four Brand Partners at that package level or higher. Bonus is being paid every month if you remain qualified.

The compensation plan of B-Epic is the industry’s best so far. And it has been designed to maximize the earning potential of independent brand partners. B-Epic is offering them several ways to earn passive income and enjoy generous bonuses which includes one of the best car bonus programs in the industry. B-Epic business can create an avenue for you to earn passive income and grow your business as well. This unique business plan, you can build your team an be rewarded for it. As you introduce more people to the B-Epic plan opportunity and showing them how to succeed, you will avail yourself for yet more rewards.

60% Rule for Total Payout

You can earn up to 20% of the CV of your lesser volume team from the Two Team Pay Plan. This will be until the total payout of the company gets to 60% of the collective company-wide CV. But if it is over 60%, then the actual individual payout will be reduced to ensure the total payout does not exceed 60%.

But in a situation whereby the total payout is less than 60%, the difference will be taken to the company’s reserve to make up for those weeks whereby the payouts could be higher. This plan will ensure B-Epic is always able to pay the maximum amount to deserving members without paying too much. Hence, the pay plan will be stabilized for long-term achievements.

Commission Schedule
Your e-wallet will be credited with the Fast Start Bonus and the Customer Bonus instantly. Also, the Two Team Pay and the associated matching bonuses will be credited every Wednesday with a delay of one week.