Industry Leading Car Bonus

How does it feel to drive a brand new car or even an SUV? What if you were given for free, sounds EPIC right? The B-EPIC business model compensation plan rewards its members with a car payment bonus of a whopping $500 monthly. Such a car bonus program is one of a kind in the industry. But how can members qualify for it? It’s simple! All they need is to get 4 Brand Partners on the $89.95 package. After that, the new members should be taught to duplicate the same effort. Get 4 and teach the 4, nothing can be more straightforward than that.

To earn the car bonus, you will need to purchase the $89.9 package or higher and sponsor Four Brand Partners on the same level as you are or even higher, who will, in turn, sponsor same level or higher. As long as you remain on this level, you will receive the monthly bonus.

Unlike others in the industry you will be given an unique opportunity to choose a brand of a car or even a truck whichever you want. You can even decide to lease it out. It all depends on you.

The B-Epic compensation plan can make you drive your dream car even sooner than you think. Even if you indicate that you don’t want to get a vehicle, you will still receive a $250 bonus every month.

You can drive your dream car. Yes, the B-Epic compensation plan can make it a reality. We are prepared to make an EPIC move in your financial status. Your opportunities of earning passive income with B-Epic is without limits.

We are ready to be truly EPIC. Are you?

Join us in building B-Epic into a world-class brand and business.