The Simple Power of Teams

The Two Team Plan ensures that your B-Epic business becomes a good source of generating income and with ease too. The quickest way to succeed is to introduce others to the unique offers of B-Epic business plan model. Your earning potential will increase significantly when you build a team of dedicated brand partners and obtain a retail customer base.

The B-Epic Two Team Pay Plan pays a massive 20% of the CV generated by all the members in your smaller teams, and the volume will be calculated to infinity with no circles.

This plan is characterized by teams on your both sides. Those people you help to discover and join B-Epic can be placed on either side of your team. Your sponsor, as well as other members above you, can also help you to place new members on either side of your team.

As soon as you qualify for the rank of a qualified brand partner, you will earn 20% of the CV of your lesser volume team on a weekly basis pay period. Which will be calculated and paid to you weekly as they accrue. Any outstanding value from your larger team will be rolled over to the following new week as you as you remain within the rank of a qualified brand partner or move higher.

The Two Team Pay Plan does not just reward you for bringing others to the business and helping them to grow and succeed. It also rewards each member of your team that duplicated your effort. Hence, the more members you and your team introduce to the business, the more opportunities for earning both you and your team will enjoy in the long run.

The example illustrated below is based on a 50CV ($49.95) purchase. It is a perfect demonstration of how you can benefit from the B-Epic Team Two Pay Plan. What is delaying you from getting started? Join B-Epic today!